As a wedding photographer I find it can be hard to find the time for family holidays, normally at weekends I am photographing weddings and then I am editing the photos through the week. Being able to combine photography training and a family holiday at the same time has really been great this week. I have been in the Lake District, Keswick. Capturing some beautiful images, learning new techniques and honing my skills.

The course was up in the northern lakes with Chris Chambers Training capturing images of a model wedding couple, the setting was beautiful and the landscape was amazing!

We made the trip into a family holiday and had lots of walking and spending great time together with great food and lots of wine. Of course being a wedding photographer some nights were spent editing my photos but overall a great time was had and I cant wait to return. I’m not going to lie though, it was lovely to get back into my photography studio in Conisbrough, Doncaster.

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Lara x

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