A beautiful day…

I first met Tash at the I do wedding exhibition in Doncaster. I always knew it was going to be special, we instantly connected and she felt like a friend.

Nash and Tash had their beautiful wedding at Wortley Hall, I say ‘beautiful’ because it really was, from the place to the people, everything was just ‘beautiful’. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was shining. After having some group photos and capturing some stunning images of Tash and Nash, it was almost time for the speeches. But first of all there was a surprise for everyone… The music started and three incredible belly dancers performed, surprising everyone! The atmosphere was awesome whilst everyone was clapping and enjoying the performance.

I was so happy to capture your day as it unfolded Tash and Nash, you really are such a beautiful couple and I feel privileged to have been your photographer.

Lara x